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Go For Girls

This project is looking at Encouraging girls to be in school and empowering them to take control of their life. Girls are taught on how to make reusable sanitary pads by hand sewing and using a machine and also Girls talk on health-related issues and career development

Project start Date


objectives vs outcome


• To reduce school absenteeism among school girls due to lack of or limited accesses to hygienic sanitary facilities during their menses • To increase knowledge among girls in schools on the use of reusable pads for hygienic sanitary purposes • To build economic skills among vulnerable needy girls in schools in the making of reusable pads for sell.


• 2,000 girls trained on how to sew reusable Pads by 2023 • Sewing Skills acquired • Absenteeism rate dropping by 90% (overall) • Girls Interacting and participation in different activities • Girls Opening up on different Issues concerning their well being • Menstrual Hygiene Practised • Girls Knowledgeable on how to use the reusable pads

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