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Our projects

For us to achieve our objectives and goals we developed different projects that we felt could help us to achieve what we intend to do as an organization 

Education Development Project 

The overall goal of the project is to enhance the achievement of high educational standards as stipulated in the National Education Standards of 2015, MGDS III and Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) by supporting effective teaching and learning, and fostering individual student’s skills.

Sports Development Program 

The overall goal is to promote youth participation in sport activities geared at providing many health and social benefits inherent in sporting activity and form a greater sense of empowerment that will expand beyond sporting arena into everyday life.


Minor grants 

Involves provision of minor grants to schools and libraries. The projects aims at providing resources to schools and libraries that can be used at to improve and promote the delivery ofuality education and service provision (i.e books, stationery and lab materials)

Go For Girls 

The project promotes reusable sanitary pads among school girls. In this project girls are being taught on how to make reusable sanitary pads by hand sewing and also using the machine. The project started in 2018.

Students Support

We support the less privileged students/pupils with school fees and school materials. The students are selected based on their academic performance and family background.


School Feeding Program

This project involves provision of nutritional supplements (nutritious foods) to Standard 1-3 primary schools pupils in some selected schools in the impact areas.


Yaboki Social Welfare Org

Building Futures in Malawi support an orphanage called Yaboki, located in Lilongwe area 36 by providing monthly financial support to the organization and also do construction projects that requires our support at the orphanage. We also pay School fees for all the children at the orphanage.

Environmental Education

The project is about educatig and engaging the youth (Students) about Environmental conservation in schools and their communities.

Mkanthama school

This is a long-term project that Building Futures in Malawi is implementing in Chiwamba, Lilongwe. Mkathama is a junior primary school that BFM started constructing and running as a primary school in 2018. The plan is to construct and run a primary and secondary school in the area.

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