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who we are

About BFM

Building Futures in Malawi is a Non-profit organization registered under Trustees Incorporation Act in Malawi Reg no. TR/INC 7540 and also registered with CONGOMA, registration number: C1269/2019 working in partnership with a UK registered organization of the same name


A leading supporter of quality education in Malawi


supporting the provision of quality education in Malawi

Our vision

To be a leading supporter of quality education in Malawi and our goal is to support the provision of quality education in Malawi

Our Objectives

  1. To establish and operate BUILDING FUTURES affiliated to Building Futures in the United Kingdom serving in the education and development sectors of the country.                       
  2. To support schools through the provision of capital for projects and equipment;
  3. To provide assistance where there is need for support staff and services;
  4. To assist with the provision of school meals or contribute to a school’s supplementary feeding programme.
  5. To assist in the provision of education, library services, lodgings and food for the poor and destitute.
  6. To engage in resource mobilization to raise funds in Malawi and abroad in order to effectively accomplish the above objects.
  7. To alleviate poverty and human suffering through socially and economically uplifting development programmes and delivery of emergency relief aid services during disaster.

Our mission

To contribute to national development through the provision of support to schools, providing assistance for support staff as services, provision of school meals, lodgings and feeding the poor and destitute and raising funds in Malawi by engaging in low risk commercial activities as well as broad in order to accomplish its objective

What we Do

Our primary causes

The following were identified as focus areas of the project. These are the areas BFM has been addressing since 2017

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Do you wish to travel to Malawi for either education or tourism purposes?

Building futures in Malawi is offering volunteer work to English speaking students and young people from all over the world to live and work in Malawi


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